The Forge – Railroad Spike Corkscrews

Hightower has been super busy after the fashion show working at the forge making corkscrews! Here is an inside look at how these bad boys are made. Order yours here or on Etsy.





First the spike is lengthened. This requires repeated heating of the spike in the forge and a lot of man power for pounding on all sides of it over and over. It takes a really really long time and it looks exhausting!




Once the spike is long enough you then make it round. See Hightower inspecting it here to see if it needs another round. Once round you can then begin to twist the cork screw.




Getting the corkscrew involves pounding the metal around a metal rod. If you don’t do it quick enough the spike gets too cool and you have to reheat.




Then minor adjustments are made to ensure the usability of the corkscrew.



Then Hightower uses this cool dohickey to stamp in the design on the handle of the corkscrew. He had made this tool and all of the other tools he use (minus the Anvil and Hammer…kind of a requirement to make tools).



The bend is then put into the corkscrew.




a few bends later and you are ready……..




Hightower is now stamping in the bottle opener part of the corkscrew. We love how versatile this thing is, its the perfect all around tool for parties and camping!


Don’t forget to check us out on Etsy!


So excited for all the new blog content that will be happening! Thanks to Rachel for taking pictures.



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